We are fortunate to have a talented photographer on our staff at Sisters’ Gourmet. Oh, and she is my beautiful niece, so that’s even better! She and I set out to capture some new shots of our baked cookies and some of our layered baking mixes, as well. I thought it would be fun to show the “behind the scenes” shots of what was involved in our multi-day photo shoot, so these were just taken with my camera phone. We had a house full of mason jars, dozens of baked cookies, and lighting equipment everywhere – it was awesome!


SG Photo Shoot 2small SG Photo Shoot 1small SG Photo Shoot 5small

The most important element of photography is the lighting, even more than the type of camera. We spent a lot of time finding the best lighting throughout different areas of my home, and as you can see from the pictures, we had to help the natural light sometimes.

SG Photo Shoot 3small SG Photo Shoot 6small SG Photo Shoot 7small

Sometimes it just looks like a big mess, but it doesn’t matter what I see – the only thing that matters is what the camera sees!

SG Photo Shoot 4small SG Photo Shoot 9small SG Photo Shoot 8small
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