Veganizing our Sisters’ Gourmet cookie mixes!

It’s time to start “veganizing” our Sisters’ Gourmet cookie mixes! Last week we received this email: Hi – I see that your cookies require an egg and butter. We are vegan…how do you think your cookies would turn out if we used vegan butter (earth balance soy free) and flax meal egg substitute? Have you ever […]

Company Overview: Sisters’ Gourmet

You’ve heard the story before – gourmet food company started in a home kitchen with all intentions of having a new hobby, nothing more. Well, Sisters’ Gourmet President, Lisa Sorensen, tells of a visit from her sister, Suzy, back in 1995. They had been selling their homemade baskets and other items at local craft shows […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Substitutions

One of the questions we are most often asked at Sisters’ Gourmet is if substitutions can be made to our Mason jar cookie mixes. Some people want to reduce the fat in the cookies by using applesauce, and others have asked about using olive oil instead of butter. There are plenty of other ideas for […]